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Forum Stomper is pretty easy to grow, go easy with nutrients early on, let her get established and she?ll soon reward you with some ultra frosty flowers. As a rule of thumb forum stomper will easily produce multiple cola?s given space and a good environment, this can be further encouraged with some light leaf tucking and some clearing out of lower and inner growth. This small effort will be of extra benefit to ensure all energy and production goes to the primo places. Forum Stomper generally has two phenotypes: A) a slightly shorter stockier plant with a more typical shape of main cola and decent secondaries surrounding her. These make longer colas with tighter internodes and the bud to plant ratio is quite epic! Overall we?d class this type as a medium size with a solid structure not requiring support. Phenotype B) likes to branch and bush to where it can be difficult to find the ?main?. This is the phenotype we?ve utilised throughout each stage of the breeding process, which we coined in house as ?branches on branches?. This phenotype is substantially larger with a stretchier more ?OG? like growth pattern, however, it?s totally manageable. This girl grows a plateau of multiple frosty tops, if you land one of these you?re in for a real treat too. It will however be towards the slower end of the spectrum, pushing towards 75 days from sprout in our environment. Both phenotypes present very unique flowers that have had several visits from Jack Frost. She is also a true stinker, a sassy, dirty, dank girl with a rich potent nose that contains traces of mint and deep exotic stanky aromas. She has an average veg time before entering the flowering cycle, frost development comes on pretty early and stacks from there. She has an average finish time in the spectrum of our catalogue, around 65-70 days from sprout. Strain figures and info: Size ? 60 to 90cm Structure ? Branchy and bushy Indica/Sativa ? 50/50 Cycle Time ? 65 to 75 days from sprout Yield ? 75 to 125g Aroma ? Powerful, raw nasty funk Taste ? Elements of spice, fruits, chocolate and mint Effect ? Strong but balanced high, can cause fits of giggles active and social which tails off into a warm body high, relaxing and sedative. Medicinal Benefits ? Anti stress, relaxing for mind and body. Cannabinoids ? TBA Extract information ? Excellent oil production shines through in extracts.


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