Ethos Apex


Ethos Apex R1 is a classic ?stoner? high?lots of giggles and a clear but powerful punch.

Her sweeter candied and lemon phenos lean toward ?Sativa? effects, while her grapefruit, fuel and orange phenos seem to be heavier.

Expect huge yields of boutique flower?medium-long internodes stack large medium-dense flowers.
Vigorous and easily trained.
Pungent aromas of candied lilac, lemon cake, berries, grapefruit, earthy chem and petrol.
Feminized Photoperiod

Mandarin Cookies X Lilac Diesel #10

Cannabis Type
Feminized Photoperiod, Hybrid Feminized, Hybrid Photoperiod, Sativa Feminized, Sativa Photoperiod

Flowering Time
60 ? 63 days

Beast Mode!


Terpene Profile
Candied Lilac; Lemon Cake; Earthy Chem

Ethos Apex R1 is a classic ?stoner? high?lots of giggles and a clear but powerful punch.

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